Our Mission

To tackle poverty, violence and social inequality using affordable, community-driven martial arts training as the catalyst for positive change.

"Everybody Is Capable Of The Extraordinary Ordinary"

We believe in the fundamental rights of human beings to experience life free of poverty, violence and social inequality. We also believe in the intrinsic 'goodness' of most people, and the capacity for positive change.

We don't rely on substantial governmental funding packages to run 'workshops' with little to no effect. Instead we work on radical national programmes that can affect long-term community driven change for and within the communities who need it most. We do this by supporting clubs and instructors to do what many already do, supporting students who are most in need, in a way that is sustainable.

Our founding principle is that martial arts can unlock the core skills needed to grow as individuals and as as society; patience, humility, self-discipline, awareness, respect and resilience.

Poverty. Violence. Inequality.

These three words should not feature in modern-day Britain but sadly, in many ways, the gaps are getting wider. We believe in standing by the voiceless, and making their story heard. We do this by empowering people to become stronger and more confident, and to build resilience and discipline in their martial arts training that can be so easily applied to their wider life circumstances.
We know martial arts can change people for the better. We believe it's the right tool to use to empower those who have been forgotten by society to stand up and fight for a more equitable future. That's our work in a nutshell.