How We're Funded

Martial Arts is a massively underfunded area and your support is invaluable. Help us make an impact!

Until recently we have been solely funded by the BMABA Group and the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) and although both of these organisations continue to dedicate all of their profits to the Fighting Chance Foundation, we are now looking for outside help with funding.

All fundraising efforts and donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue our crucial work. We really cannot overemphasise how important your support is.

Looking Ahead?

Passive Fundraising

We hope to attract long-term donations via our use of innovation and technology. This includes the exclusive use of ShopStreet to leverage donations from corporate partners when consumers spend at their stores.

Sponsorship Contracts

We recognise that a core provision may be secured through sponsorship endorsements and we're actively in talks with a number of brands on this matter.

We remain committed to being open about finances and funding to ensure those associated with us can make an informed decision about our impact and methods of work.

See How You Can Support Our Work & Effect Social Change