Support Our Work Through ShopStreet

We think the best relationships in life happen when both parties get something out of the arrangement. That's why, as part of our renowned social enterprising, we're doing something completely different to the usual 'donate us your money' model to sustain a long-term funding model for our Foundation.

We're inviting users to use ShopStreet. ShopStreet is a free to use app reserved exclusively for employers and NGOs. We're the first charity in the UK to utilise this app. You can use it to save between 3% - 25% on purchases across hundreds of retailers and services. Everything from Clarks, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda through to Uber, JustEat, Package Holidays, Zara and Halfords. 

Instead of purchasing a product or service via your card, you simply purchase a 'voucher' through the app at the discounted rate. So, for example, if a shop is offering 10% off, your £100 shop costs £90 through ShopSteet. You save money, and as a passive 'win' for the Foundation, the app will donate a small percentage of their margin to us to support our work.

Everyone's a winner!

See the full process of buying a voucher and spending it, start to finish.

Using the auto-top up feature on the app saves you having to purchase any vouchers, and instead allows you to simply pay using a pre-reserved amount.

ShopStreet will be available to access from 1st November 2021. Please enter your name and email below to receive access when the app launches!

By submitting below, you give consent for the Fighting Chance Foundation to send you an activation link for ShopStreet when the software is launched.
We *never* share your name or password with any third parties. We'll send through an email to announce ShopStreet when it launches, and we'll have the invite sent through - nothing more. Opting to receive an invite doesn't mean you must use it - just that it's available to you should you wish to. There's no charge for using the app, ever. Just the standard (discounted) purchase of the goods or services you're purchasing anyway. We'll need to input your name and email to the ShopStreet servers to activate your invitation, but they will not make contact with you outside of the invite.