Fighting Chance Foundation has been approached by the Sweaty Betty Foundation to put forward and support candidates to apply for their Winter Active Grant. This is an incredible opportunity for girls ages 10-18 yrs to come up with ideas for girl-led projects to get girls active.

Please circulate the attached flyer to girls in your club and let us know if anyone is interested, we also attach the guidance form to show what will be required and how the process will work.

You will need to have your Club Colours approved in order to apply for this funding – There is a deadline of 12th October so we need to act fast.

The brief from Sweaty Betty…

Sweaty Betty Foundation’s mission is to support girls aged 10-18 to get active, and stay active, for life. We know that teenage girls are creative, determined and know their own minds, which is why we are keen to hear about girl-led projects that get more girls active.

We are inviting girls, supported by organisations, to pitch their ideas to our panel of investors. We are looking for girl-led ideas for physical activities that will run over the winter of 2022. The projects should support girls aged 10 to 18 who don’t do much activity right now, especially those who don’t do any physical activity outside PE lessons.

We will fund equipment, travel, food, venue and activity and insurance costs. We want girls to tell us what they need, and what they think needs to happen to get other girls, and themselves, more active regularly. The project must take place at least once a week for a minimum of ten weeks. The project can start any time from early November and must be complete by the end of April 2023.

We they want to know…

  • What the project is, who will benefit, how many would girls do you think will take part?
  • How will you encourage girls, especially those who aren’t very active, to join the programme?
  • How have you/will you decide what activities to run?
  • How will the sessions be planned, led and evaluated?
  • How will you make sure everyone is feeling involved and having fun and feeling safe? How could sessions be adapted?
  • What you will spend the money on?
  • Tell us if there is anything you think could get more girls involved (e.g. specialist instructors, having the activities linked to a qualification)
  • How will this activity, or another activity, be able to continue after grant has been spent (e.g. will you spend any on qualifications to enable it to continue or will you find other funding for it?)

There will be more applications than funding so really think about how you can show your project is distinctive and led by girls, well thought and planned and will really help less active girls get more active.

How much can clubs apply for?

Up to £2,000. It does not have to be matched with other funds, however it should make a significant difference to the project taking place and not simply be part of a larger project. The grant needs to be spent by 30 April 2023.

Who is eligible to apply?

Girls have to be supported by a constituted group with a previously agreed governing document, which must have their own bank account. Any funds awarded will be restricted to the girl-led project and they will require proof of spend for every item.

What will they not fund?

  • Projects that have already started
  • Day to day running costs of an organisation not linked to project
  • Political activities
  • Animal beneficiaries. Projects can certainly involve animals e.g. horse-riding, but the sole beneficiary needs to be teenage girls
  • Private businesses
  • Activities where individuals benefit financially

How will they choose who to fund?

Sweaty Betty really want girls to have the chance to present their ideas so will be choosing the projects to fund via a virtual ‘Dragons’ Den’ event with the support of the Foundation’s main partner, the activewear company Sweaty Betty. Most of the Dragons will actually be girls who won funding in our first event in May and will be really friendly!

The process will be;

4 October Session with partner organisations so Sweaty Betty can answer any questions about the process
12 October Deadline for submitting applications

Your application will then be looked at by a small advisory group. We may call you to make sure your application is eligible and meets Sweaty Betty Foundation criteria and is ready to go

17 October Sweaty Betty will let you know if you have been successful in getting through to the Dragons’ Den
21 October Presentation training session so you feel really confident to present on the day including:

–          How to plan and structure your presentation

–          Think about key presentation messages, what makes a good story and how to present it

–          Tips on controlling nerves

–          Discuss project ideas with others

–          Rehearse presentation

At least one girl from each group must attend the presentation session


27 October

(half term)

“Dragons’ Den” event held between 1pm and 3.30pm

–          At the meeting you will be invited to present for no more than 5 minutes about your project, and why it should be funded

–          The friendly Dragons will then ask questions (not hard ones) about the project to help the audience know more about your project.

–          The Dragons will include girls who were successful in the last event and Sweaty Betty and Foundation staff and trustees

–          The audience of Sweaty Betty staff will then be invited to vote. The projects with the most votes will get funded