Fighting Chance Foundation – CLUB APPLICATION

Thank you for your interest in registering your club to run our programmes. We’ll provide all of the support and guidance needed to enable you to run our programmes and there will never be any cost to you or your club for your involvement with us.

Please ensure you have read fully and can agree in full to our eligibility criteria before applying.

Who’s Eligible To Run Our Programmes?

  • Our programmes are open to instructors and clubs from all disciplines and styles of martial arts.
  • Our programmes are open to clubs located throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Our programmes are open to clubs of all sizes - from single led instructors to large enterprises and franchises.
  • We will never charge you directly for access to our courses or programmes.

What You’ll Need To Have In Place To Register

We won’t be able to consider you for STEP 2 of the application process until all of this evidence has been seen and confirmed.

  • Membership To A Credible Association Or Governing Body Situated In The United Kingdom. This does not have to be a Sport England NGB.
  • Instructor Or Club Public Liability Insurance
  • A Valid, In-Date Safeguarding Qualification
  • A Suitable Enhanced DBS Check Issued Within The Past 3 Years
  • A Valid, In-Date First Aid Qualification
  • Suitable Proof of Grade or Instructorship Certification For The Discipline(s) You Intend To Teach
  • Photographic Proof of ID (For The Lead Instructor If Registering A Club)
  • Two Documents Confirming Proof Of Address Issued Within The Last 12 Months

What Will Bar Access To Our Programmes?

  • Any prior convictions for offences that are by nature sexual or involve domestic abuse, or extreme violence. Our board will reach a judgement on what is deemed to be 'extreme' in terms of violence and their decision will be final.
  • Failure to produce the necessary checks and balances if you are permitted the opportunity to move to STAGE 2.

How The Application Process Works

We set an elite standard for instructors and clubs who wish to run our programmes. In return for taking the time and effort to apply, you’ll be able to run our chartiable programmes with our support, branding and resources. This includes approval logos, club certification, free training and – in time – access to funding and grants.

The application process is not necessarily fast so please ensure you understand the timescales and expectations before applying.


Initial Application

We’ll start by asking you to complete an initial application form known as a ‘KYC’. This helps us to understand who you are (as a club or instructor), what styles you deliver, your technical background, your motivation for getting involved and your professional competencies to teach.

This application process can take a little while to prepare, and you’ll be asked to submit a video ‘elevator pitch’ – a short video which may be recorded in a basic format on a phone camera of around 3 minutes in duration – to explain why you’d like to get involved with the Foundation and how you believe you can help the people we work with.



PLEASE NOTE: It takes up to 6 weeks for an initial decision to come back depending on when our board of Trustees are next scheduled to meet. We will always endeavour to keep you abreast of this schedule when you apply.

Our board of Trustees and/or Senior Management Team review applications on a monthly or six-weekly basis. We use this time to prepare an application file and then review your elevator pitch and supporting documentation to reach a decision as to whether or not we feel you’re the right fit for the programmes we delivery. Before the board meet, we may be in touch to ascertain further details or to request additional information.



If you’re approved at STAGE 1 you’ll be able to login to the Foundation’s Club Dashboard from where you can then enrol onto any (or all) of our individual Charitable Programmes.

Each of the programmes we run (i.e: #DitchTheBlade, #PunchLikeAGirl etc) set out different requirements, expectations and rewards/grants so we ask clubs to apply for the programmes they believe they can deploy at club level to make a difference. There’s no limit to how many programmes you may be cleared to deliver.

During this process, we’ll ask for some programme-specific documentation (if relevant) or background, and we’ll ask you to prepare another short 3-5 minute ‘elevator pitch’ to help us get a feel as to whether or not you’re the right fit for the programme.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes up to 4 weeks for an initial decision to come back depending on when our board of Trustees are next scheduled to meet. We will always endeavour to keep you abreast of this schedule when you apply.


At this point, you’ll receive documentation and certification for the programme(s) you’ve been cleared to run.

We’ll also provide access to any training material along with a wealth of marketing assistance, graphics, certificates and other related content to help you make the most of your charitable input.

Where appropriate, any grant funding or other associated assets related to the programme will also become available at this stage.


You can start your application and apply entirely online.

You can save your progress at any point if you don’t have time to complete this today. Provided you have the necessary evidence to hand, this application should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete.