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The Fighting Chance Foundation

We Use Martial Arts to 

tackle knife crime

"Stand with the disposable, so the day will come when they are no longer thrown away".


We believe in the innate ability of martial arts to positively change lives and transform communities.

Through our specialist programmes and expert network, we enable structured martial arts training and engagement sessions to break the cycle of abuse and poverty, tackle knife crime and intervene in a wide range of social crisis-points – such as disability discrimination, violence against women and girls and male suicide.

We know that martial arts has the ability to have a positive impact within a diverse range of communities. Lessons are an extremely inexpensive way to deliver long-lasting change compared with many other forms of intervention. Martial arts has a way of ‘cutting through the noise’ and reaching those otherwise left out by wider society.

With this comes the opportunity to create a safe space and interrupt the typical cycles of abuse that occur ‘on the outside’. It is from this safe space that the Fighting Chance Foundation reaches those who need martial arts most, and creates the opportunity to change lives.


Our Programmes

The Fighting Chance Foundation runs unique, exclusive programmes aimed at using martial arts to engage and transform key areas of society in desperate need of support.

Fighting Chance Scholarship Program

Our flagship programme, tackling childhood poverty and mentoring a new generation of change-makers.


Our national programme that promotes participation among women and girls, providing a safe space to train and develop under specialist instructors.


#DitchTheBlade attacks Knife Crime by teaching martial arts to engage young people in high-risk areas whilst funding life saving bleed control kits for public use.

Inclusive Martial Arts.

Our inclusivity programme aims to ensure disability is no barrier to safe participation in grassroots martial arts by providing support and education to community coaches.


Our first of a kind male-suicide prevention program that aims to create a safe space for boys and men to talk about mental health and get support from trained instructors.

"I spent years in an abusive relationship, feeling as if I was powerless. Three minutes into martial arts, and I re-connected with that bit of me that had been shut off for so many years."

"I hadn't expected to find much use for Muay Thai Boxing but attended because it was an all-women class and, after much pestering from a close friend, I decided to give it a try.

Within minutes of entering the gym and seeing what others could do on the bags, something in my clicked. I felt grounded for the first time in so many years, and empowered by my body. Challenging yourself to physically overcome technical and fitness barriers pushes you to develop. It builds up your confidence and your stamina, and teaches you that your body is yours, and that it's worth fighting for."

Applicable Programme: #PunchLikeAGirl

"I thought I'd probably be dead by twenty, or serving life in prison. Judo turned my life around and made me see how bloody stupid carrying a knife really is."

"When all of your friends are tooled up, you just do it too because it seems like it's the only way to stay safe. The sad reality is that most of it stems from fear. Our school had done talks on knife crime before and I had even taken part in a few 'activator' sessions for Tennis and Cricket, but it just doesn't cut it. The problem with that way of life is it's about the macho image and all of the culture. It's hard to rise above that.

Judo showed me there's always someone out there who can take you down. It also taught me the importance of discipline and self-control. It's the first thing in my life I've stuck at and achieved, and after four years, I'm a black belt. I don't think I'll ever be as proud of anything else in my life. The fact my training was linked to my schooling forced me to engage.

Applicable Programme: #DitchTheBlade

"Martial arts is the only reason today I am an award winning social-entrepreneur. Without it, I would still be living a life of poverty."

Our very own Chief Executive Officer, Giovanni, grew up in poverty and experienced a family breakdown during childhood due to alcoholism in the family unit. The way in which martial arts calmed and transformed an angry, dejected teenager and 'built him up' as a resilient, disciplined entrepreneur is well documented.

Read Giovanni's Story.

There were 4.3million children living in poverty in the UK in 2019-20. That's 31 per cent of children, or nine in a classroom of 30.

Imagine the wasted potential.

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We believe martial arts can make a difference.


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